Receiptify December Playlist

Receiptify December Playlist You Don’t Want to Miss!

Receiptify has been more popular and gives users a unique method to showcase their preferences in music by digitizing their preferred songs and displaying those as a receipt-style snapshot. The software, which is becoming more popular across social networks, may assist you in taking a snapshot of your musical preferences at a certain moment. This article is going to discuss the popular Receiptify December playlist you don’t want to miss.

Before moving further, let us give you a brief overview of what Receiptify is and how one can utilize it with integration into Spotify. Let’s begin, shall we?

Receiptify Spotify – Explained

Receiptify is a tool that takes a user-supplied list of prospects and formats it like a professional receipt. The user can pick from their all-time favorite songs, their top songs from the past six months, or their top songs from the last month. This facilitates cross- and cross-temporal analysis of listener behavior.

Receiptify is there to offer the OU an opportunity to show that you have superior musical taste. Receiptify’s rising popularity may be credited to the statistic that it offers users with a novel means of showcasing their taste in music by means of a receipt-like snapshot of their favorite songs.

Receiptify December Playlist

The Procedure

The procedure is simple. The website needs you to log in with your Spotify account before it would let you generate a shredded receipt with your favorite music from the previous period, six months, or forever.

When compared to YouTube’s Music service and Apple’s Music, Spotify is clearly the superior option. Billions of songs are available, sorted by style, and there are even curated playlists for certain occasions or emotional states. However, a robust password is required for opening a Spotify account and keeps it secure. Spotify password changes are simple and only take a few seconds, but they are essential for keeping your account secure. Because of this, we’ll be covering how to modify Spotify account credentials here.

The purpose of the Receiptify Music plugins is to create a receipt that resembles an invoice for purchase from your most frequently played or listening to Spotify music. After creating and connecting a Spotify account, the plugin may be used to automatically add a song from that account in the number receipt for the prior month for up to six months. The screen encourages the user to proceed once they have logged in with Spotify Receiptify Music. The following action is to provide receipts for selected favors.

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Integration of Receiptify into the Usage of Spotify

Follow the on-screen orders to finish signing up. Following that, you can select a different receipt to see, such as your most played songs this month, your most played songs this six months, or your most played songs ever. After that, the site will print you a receipt detailing the most listened-to tracks within that time frame.

The picture may be checked and saved thereafter. The user has the option of posting the photograph to Instagram or any other service of their choosing. The designer stated that the button to download may not function on smartphones, so users may need to snap a picture of the receipt instead.

As quickly as possible, he said, the issues will be resolved. Feeds may be received for the most recent month, a six-month period, or even the day that the Receiptify Music software was used, or they can be triggered by the user.

Receiptify December Playlist – Top 10 Spotify Playlist

Given below is the Receiptify December playlist of top 10 Spotify’s December songs for you. let’s dig in together.

1.“Driver’s license” by Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo had “multiple” sensations after experiencing a heartbreak.

2.” Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo

“Good 4 U” is an uplifting song that combines elements of rock, pop music, punk, grunge music, emo, and other genres of music.

3. “Kiss Me More” (feat SZA) Doja Cat.

Written by Doja Cat and featuring American singer SZA, “Kiss Me More” can be found on Planet Her (2021), SZA’s third studio album.

4. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

Single “Heat Waves” by English band Glass Animals off their upcoming third album “Dreamland” was released on the 29th of June in 2020. They released a video with the tune as well.

5. “Levitating (feat. DaBaby)” by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, an English singer, released the single “Levitating” in 2020 to promote her second studio album, Future Nostalgi.

6. “Icon” by Jaden

On the 17th of November 2017, Jaden issued his first full-length studio album, titled Syre (2017). The album included the single “Icon.”

7. “Toxic” by BoyWithUke

BoyWithUke is a musician from the United States. His song “Toxic” became a huge hit on Tiktok and other social media.

8. “Do It to It” by ACRAZE, Cherish

Single “Do It to It” was released by American girl group Cherish to promote their first album, Unappreciated. Sean P. is featured on the song “Do It to It” (which is a rap/hip hop hybrid). In its 16th week on the list, the song reached its highest position on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, arriving at number 12.

9. “Better Days” by NEIKED, Mae Muller, Polo G

Neiked, a Swedish band, released their single “Better Days” on the 24th of September 2021; it featured Mae Muller (an English singer-songwriter) and Polo G (an American rapper).

10. “Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm” is one of her holiday offerings. Taylor and English composer Jimmy Napes collaborated on the album’s production.


In conclusion, Receiptify Spotify is a cutting-edge and straightforward option for Spotify users who want to save time and effort. Receiptify Spotify’s intuitive capabilities and streamlined integration make playlist maintenance easier and improve the quality of the listening experience as a whole. If you’re just starting out on Spotify or are a seasoned pro, this application will make your experience that much better. Above mentioned is a Receiptify December playlist for you. Receiptify Spotify exemplifies the excellent potential of the internet to improve our lives. If you want your musical journey to be Receiptified, why not offer it a shot?

Most Common Questions

How can I incorporate Receiptify?

Your Receiptify Username account details must be entered on the official site. You are going to sent onto the Spotify sign-in screen if you click the link labeled “Login” in the email you received. Whenever you’ve picked the document you would like to look at, you can decide that you need to see the top tracks from December, the preceding six months, and the six years preceding it.

How can I get Apple Music through Receiptify?

To achieve this, go to the Receiptify page and click the “Get Image” link in your bottom right side. However, please locate it by scrolling down. By pressing this icon, downloading will begin for the chosen device.

Do you remember wherever a Spotify invoice can be found?

Your invoices will be visible after you log onto the account area. If you begin a trial offer or initially sign up with a new assistance, you additionally receive an authorization email.

How secure is Receiptify for Apple Music?

What should I would like to utilize Receiptify but possess Apple Music? You may use the mobile app even if you simply possess an Apple Music subscription.

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