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We at https://receptify.net/ would like to give you a structured set of Terms and Conditions. We perceive it as you accept these Terms & Conditions completely if you gain access to our website. You should stop utilising our website if you don’t find yourself at harmony with our regulations, fully. Following are a set of terms that are applied in the regulations often:

  • “Your”, “User” or “You” indicates the individual using https://receptify.net/ as a source of information and agrees to the T&C.
  • “We, Us, The Company, Ourselves and Our” intends to represent https://receptify.net/.
  • “Us, Party or Parties” represents either both, Ourselves or the User.
  • The use of the word “Content” indicates the information present on the website in any form either textual or graphical.


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Every form of content present on https://receptify.net/ belongs to the owners of this website or the parties that possess the licences of this website. The copyrights have been reserved as owners of the ideas. Reservance of all rights that pertain to this intellectual property have been retained by the parties that hold or share the ownership. It is permissible for you to personally benefit from the content published on https://receptify.net/ by printing pages or simply viewing the website under the following regulations. You are restricted to:

  • Lack an adequate attribution before publishing the content from this website elsewhere. 
  • Utilise the content published on this website by providing sub-licensing, selling or renting.
  • Replicate, reuse or evolve the content present on this website.

Consumer Content

To employ, develop, modify, release, interpret, and circulate any work you give to https://receptify.net/, you hereby give us a non-exclusive, global, perpetual, sub-licensable licence. Everything from written words to moving pictures to audio recordings to user comments is fair game.

Backlinks to Our Content

Following are the companies that can most likely be linked to our content without any kind of written permission being fetched:

  • The website may be linked to an online directory in the exact way the other companies on the list will be linked to.
  • Different agencies of the government.
  • Organisations producing news.
  • All types of search engines.

Rights Reserved

https://receptify.net/ has the right to immediately demand you to remove any or all hyperlinks directing to our website without any prior notice. This can occur at any point in time. You hereby agree to acknowledge and accept any such request and the particular link will be taken down.

Liabilities of Content

Our website does not hold responsibility for any information published on your website. It is acknowledged by you that in case of any claims based on or against the content present on your website, you shall defend us.


Our website links to other websites. External links are chosen for their credibility. If those webpages modify or degrade material, we are not liable. The content of linked websites does not belong to us. Accept cookies and policies at your own risk.The product owner owns logos, watermarks, and trademarks. They have no link to this site. Content policy uses copyright data or images to represent the brand.

Altered Terms

The T&C of this website shall be revised by the passage of time. The altered regulations will be applied to the utilisation of this website beginning from the time of releasing on the website.

Complete Agreement

Our Privacy Policy along with this whole set of Terms and Conditions constructs the complete agreement between us and you with regard to the utilisation of our website by you.

You are considered to be acknowledging the T&C by utilising our website. Stop using our website if you do not find our T&C fair enough to be agreed upon. 


You can contact us if there is any query that you may have encountered regarding the above Terms and Conditions.

The last updated date of these T&C is 10/06/2023.