Welcome to Receptify, where music meets nostalgia in a fun and inventive way. At Receptify, we’ve crafted a unique experience that turns your Spotify playlists into personalised, interactive receipts.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to add a touch of creativity to your music by transforming it into tangible memories. Music has the power to transport us to different times and emotions, and at Receptify, we want to provide a fresh and imaginative way to relive those musical moments. Whether you’re looking to revisit your favourite tracks from a month ago, six months back, or over the course of your musical journey, Receptify is here to help you craft a distinct musical receipt.

How It Operates

Creating your custom musical “receipt” with Receptify is as effortless as enjoying your favorite song:

  • Choose Your Music Service: Pick your go-to music streaming platform, and Receptify will take it from there. We’re compatible with various popular services, ensuring that your playlist finds its perfect match.
  • Select Your Timeframe: Decide on the time period you want to capture – whether it’s the tunes you were vibing to just a month ago, half a year back, or your all-time favorites.
  • Generate Your “Receipt”: Watch the magic unfold as Receptify transforms your music history into a lifelike receipt. Each song’s title and artist are labeled as “Items” on the ticket, the rating is noted as “Quantity,” and the song duration is featured as “Quantity.”
  • Download and Share: Once your unique musical “receipt” is ready, it’s a breeze to download as a PNG file. Share your musical journey with friends and family on social media or any other preferred platform.

Why Choose Receptify?

  • Unforgettable Musical Memories: Receptify breathes life into your musical journey, turning it into a visual and interactive keepsake perfect for revisiting cherished moments and sharing with loved ones.
  • Personalized Touch: Each receipt is as unique as your music taste, making it a one-of-a-kind memento to treasure.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that crafting your musical “receipt” is a delightful experience.

Become Part of the Receptify Community

With millions of users around the globe, Receptify has become a sensation. Join our community of music enthusiasts and start transforming your playlists into memorable “receipts.” It is your call to let musical nostalgia embrace you warmy. It enables you to share the tracks that are close to your heart, and cherish the art of music.

Feel free to get connected with us round the clock in case of questions or even if you need general help. Even the thought of accompanying you on your musical adventure makes our day!

Our Team

Sarah Reynolds

Musical Memory Weaver

Sarah Reynolds is a passionate musical memory weaver, with an unwavering love for blending music and nostalgia. Her unique ability to infuse creativity into the ordinary has made her a notable figure in the world of musical storytelling. Through her captivating articles and insights on Receiptify, she encourages users to embark on a journey of rediscovering their favourite Spotify playlists in a whole new light. Sarah believes that music is a timeless treasure, and she’s here to help you turn it into a cherished memento. When she’s not weaving musical memories, you can find Sarah exploring art galleries and seeking inspiration in the world around her.

David Mitchell 

Playlist Alchemist

David Mitchell is a playlist alchemist, dedicated to transforming everyday music into extraordinary memories. With a background in musicology and a passion for the emotional power of songs, David has become a recognized voice in the world of Receiptify. His articles and musings delve deep into the art of curating musical experiences, encouraging users to turn their Spotify playlists into personalised, interactive receipts. David believes that every song tells a story, and he’s here to help you craft your own musical narrative. Beyond his musical pursuits, David enjoys exploring hiking trails and finding hidden gems in the great outdoors.